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This page is for informational purposes.


The Good = No staining, not bright white, rather, a nice natural hide color.   Excellent Chews made from an area of the Hide with less natural oils and fats.


The Ugly = Good Chews made from parts of the hide which contain more natural scarring, more natural Oils and fats, and in the case of many, natural pigmentation from the Top Grain Layer of the Bison.   Due to our limited degreasing, using only biodegradeable products, many of the natural oils and fats remain in the hide, which darken when dried.  Sometimes darken to the extreme.     The 2 Smaller Dark rolls are examples of Beef Rawhides that were made without ANY degreasing or ANY processing of any kind - Just rolled and dried in the open air.   

These darkened and often UGLY Bison rawhide Chews are perfectly fine for your pet and often preferred over the pretty unstained versions, likely due to the slightly higher fat/oil content.     We could easily make our Bison rawhide chews pretty and evenly bright white, but we prefer to produce a more Natural chew, even if that means they can often be ugly and dark.

Rawhide Chews which are bright and evenly white are made so through the processing, i.e. heavy duty de-greasing agents, followed by bleaching/sterilization agents such as Hydrogen Peroxide.    The only rawhides we have noticed which are bleached with sodium hypochlorite (breach) are some made in China that we've soaked, unrolled and inspected.


The Bad = Rawhide Made by Expanding or "Puffing" up the rawhide, making it light in weight and less durable and more easily torn.  This example is also fIlled with Small Pieces which can easily come out during chewing, causing a possible choking hazard.   Also note the very white color from the excessive processing.      This particularly Bad rawhide is actually sold as a "rawhide Alternative", when it's merely a poorly made, cheap in cost, Imported rawhide most likely from China.

More Photos for Fun

One of our Bison 9-10" Normal Rolls compared to some Very White Beef rawhides and the Un-Degreased Beef Rawhides - All USA Made.  The Bright white rawhides are almost invisible with our bright white background of our photo box!  Thankfully there are shadows so you can make them out.