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How Can Rauch Industries Work for You?
Spotlight on Tasman's Natural Pet and Production Manager Phoebe Curry!
Join us for a "Fiesta on the Fairways" at Fuzzy Zoeller's Champions Pointe Golf Club on August 31.

Cost to play is $150 per person or $600 for a foursome.

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Services Include:

  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Kitting
  • Sorting
  • Labeling
  • Rework

Customer Spotlight : 
Tasman's Natural Pet Brands

Rauch Industries is proud to have a lasting partnership with Tasman’s Natural Pet Brands.  Tasman's has developed all natural rawhide treats for your dog and some very unique and beautiful Bison leather pet products. 

They are committed to bringing their customers only the highest quality pet treats and Leather products second to none in quality, reliability and beauty. 
Rauch Industries provides Tasman’s with a variety of packaging services for their Bison and Elk all natural rawhide dog treats.  Our employees perform jobs such as bagging and weighing products, labeling, applying headers, assembling point of purchase boxes, and shrink wrapping as needed. 

These job stations provide skill development and meaningful employment opportunities to our workforce on a daily basis.
Thank you Tasman’s for continuing to partner with Rauch Industries.  We appreciate the opportunity to do business with you!  Please visit their website at

Employee Spotlight: Phoebe Curry

Phoebe Curry has been in the business for 33 years, first working at New Hope Services and then at Rauch. As production manager, she oversees the everyday operations of daily production, clients, and production techs (PTs). Phoebe handles the job scheduling of PTs and clients, while ensuring deadlines are being met and everyone is working.

Phoebe has two brothers with disabilities, which she said may have influenced her decision to work in the field.

"Whenever you see a client struggling with a job and then finally getting a job they can do--it's amazing seeing how excited they are," she said.

Part of Phoebe's job is acting as the go-between with customers. She talks to companies, schedules work, and handles problems or concerns when they arise.

Phoebe enjoys many aspects of her job, but put simply, she said: "Good people to work with and to work around."

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