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Fundraising with Tasman's Natural Pet

Are you a 501c3 Organization with fundraising needs?

Do you have a list of dog loving people (and their friends) who would like to support your organization financially, by doing nothing more than providing high quality treats and chews for their pet?

Our Unique approach is simple and does not require your members to "sell" anything, while earning 15% of everything purchased from by your members and/or their friends and family.

Simply register with us and we will provide your organization with a "COUPON CODE" to be used by any and all who you get the code to.    Any time a member with the coupon code places an order at, your organization will earn 15% of their purchase in the form of cash back to your organization.

If someone using your unique code orders $100 worth of high quality treats or chews, your organization or club just earned $15.00.

Oh, and the members will get 5% off to boot!

If you are interesting in learning if your organization qualifies, please contact us at:

Or call us at:  502-403-2221

Thank you,

Ken Ludwick
Pack Leader
Tasman's Natural Pet

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