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How are your Bison Rawhide Chews made?
We collect fresh Bison Hides from USDA inspected facilities (Mainly in Colorado and South Dakota), wash them, remove the hair then split the hide into 2 layers. The Top layer is usually made into leather, the second layer is washed again, then processed with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Enzymes to kill any bacteria, followed by multiple fresh water rinses before tying and drying into the particular chew shape. For those hides that are too scarred to make clear leather, we use the top grain layer in our chews. We believe we may be the only rawhide chews that often include this top grain layer. (Other than Cheek Rolls and Slices, which are also rawhides with the grain layer).
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Do your chews have any harmful chemicals or Bleach?
No. In fact, we have sent many samples from many lots to an independent laboratory in Memphis Tennessee. The results of many of those tests are on our website. We also test monthly for salmonella, e.coli and entero-bacteriae. We have never had a positive test in our existence.

Bleach (Chlorine) is NEVER, EVER used. We DO use FDA Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Enzymes (Catalayse) and a smidgen of Food Grade Salt to eliminate any bacteria. We do not use any harmful bacteriacides such as arsenic or formaldehyde. We also do not add any coloring agents, such as titanium dioxide.

The result can sometimes leave us with rawhides which are not pretty and white, like many sold in retail locations today. In fact, some of our rawhides can be downright ugly!
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Why does the package say "Product of U.S.A." but then says "Processed in Mexico"?
We send our raw bison hides to our upholstery leather factory in Mexico where we develop furniture leather from the better grade Bison hides. One must have access to un-tanned, un-haired hides to make rawhide chews, which is only possible at our furniture leather facility in Mexico. The Bottom layer and those that are not good for making leather due to heavy scars or holes, we clean, tie, and dry in Mexico. All to the same exact standards and formula as we would here in the U.S.A.

We then bring the dried rawhide chews back to our facility here in Louisville for final inspection and packaging.

We fully understand wanting to buy MADE in USA product, and as one of the largest Exporters and Manufacturers in the USA of hides and Leather do every thing we can to keep as much of our product here in America. Unfortunately, we cannot produce rawhide chews when making leather for shoes, handbags or gloves and there are no Furniture or Car Seat Leather tanneries left in the USA.
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I saw you now make Wild Boar Rawhides. Are these really Wild Boar?
Yes. They are really made from the skins of Wild Boar captured and harvested in Texas, USA. The wild boar are then processed in a USDA facility, under full USDA inspection. We obtain the skins daily from the facility and send them either to our rawhide chew facility, or sell them to Gelatin Companies. We plan to eventually send all of the skins to our rawhide facility.
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Why are some of your Bison Rawhide Chews very dark in color?
The answer is due to our limited processing. We do not use heavy duty industrial de-greasers, thus some of our Bison Hides will retain a slightly higher fat content than typical beef rawhides have. When these higher fat content rawhides are dried, the fat darkens, sometime extremely dark. We understand the appearance may not be as pretty as the majority of our rawhides, but they are fine for your pet.

It should be noted that many "basted" rawhides are done so to cover up the more "ugly" darkened rawhides. Ours included. We have ceased to produce the basted rawhides, thus occasionally you may encounter one. If you ever receive one of our Bison Rawhides and you are not happy with the appearance, we will replace it, no questions asked.

In addition, unlike many rawhide companies, we do not use any harsh "Bleaching Agents" which would help brighten and whiten the rawhides.
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Are your Bison Rawhides more digestible than regular rawhides? We have heard that rawhides are not digestible.
This is one of the most often asked questions and one of the most misrepresented by the multitudes of internet "experts" blogging and posting on the web. The Short answer is: Yes, rawhide is completely digestible.

Consider this: If you eat Anything made from Gelatin or Collagen, such as sausage casings, you are eating either cow hide, or pork skin - or likely a combination of both. The Skin of a bovine or porcine are 85% or higher Collagen (the main ingredients in making Gelatin). Our Bison hides could just as easily end up in your child's next gummy bear or marshmellow, or the capsule containing your herbal supplement, if we were not saving them exclusively for our rawhide dog chews.

In regards to our Bison rawhide dog chews, the key to speed and ease of digestion is Surface Area. If your dog chews and shaves the rawhide as they are intended, the rawhide will digest and your pet will have no issues, as long as they are not allergic, or have an underlying condition. If, however, a dog were to gulp a large chunk, particularly a tied up knot, the lack of surface area in proportion to the volume of rawhide will slow digestion considerably. For this reason, we ask all pet owners to supervise their dog when giving them our bison rawhide chews. If you notice they are not shaving the rawhide and are trying to gulp them, or carry them around without gnawing on them, rawhide chews of any kind may not be suitable for him or her. And please remember to always make plenty of fresh clean water available.

Here is an excellent report you can download:
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My Dog is allergic to Beef and Pork. Will she be able to have your Bison Rawhide?
While we cannot guarantee our Bison will cause no allergic reaction to every dog, we have had tremendous success from multiple customers reporting their dogs with various food allergies had no reactions to our Bison.

Chances are your dog may have no reactions as well.

Our Wild Boar, however, are PORK, thus would react the same as any other “pork” product and we would avoid our Wild Boarhide Chews.
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