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Here's what some of our customers are saying about our products and some reviews. If you want to add your $0.02, e-mail us!

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Very very nice quality product
Frank Odierno (Sebring, FL) 7/30/2013 9:55 PM
I am so happy to have found this product. it is good quality and not brittle and hard. I cut the strips easily to small pieces and only soak them in water for a few seconds to soften even more. My dog loves them. I mean LOVES them. they do NOT smell like smoke like so many cheap treats.My dog, Molly hates that smoky bacon fkavor. She loves chicken and that is what she is getting here. the shipping you pay for , but it is really fast 2 day priority so it is not sitting around in the heat. Buy these treats but save 3 for Molly as I will continue to order. Thanks Tasman!

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Gary & Tonya Alt (Galion, OH)  12/23/2012
We got the purple with pink lining collar, and also got the name plate for our little lady. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and the name plate looks fantastic! I can't say enough good things about this collar. You will NOT be disappointed!

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Great Product
Vinny G (Centereach, NY) 1/1/2013
I was on the web looking for a Bison Rawhide for my Collie since he has allergies. I have him on a bison food that seem to be fine for him so I tought a bison Rawhide would be fine for him too. This site came up and I bought 1 for him and he loved it. Just knowing how it is made, makes me feel good giving it to him. Also had to e-mailed the company with a question and they couldn;t have bin more helpfull than they were. If thinking about buy thier products don't hasate. Great Product,People,Service

This is an email we received today from Todd, a customer who received one of our Tucson Bison & elk leather Collars in 2010:

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2012 3:43 PM
Subject: Contact Us Submitted

 Contact Name:  Todd                                   

Phone: 555-555-5555                          

Email Address:                     

Comments or Questions: I met you guys at one of the Pet shows in Vegas a few years back when I was working with another Pet collar and lead company. I was given a leather collar for my newfoundland. It still looks nearly new. I bathe him and take him to the dam to go swimming and has still held up really well. pLus is doesn't mat his hair up around his neck like the Nylon collars i used to sell.

 thanks for awesome quality USA MADE Products!

 Newfie Owner

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Best collar for the money
Ryan Foster (Woodburn, OR) 3/5/2012 1:19 AM
There are pros and cons to this product, as with all products. I have had, or rather I should say my Labrador Retriver has had one of these collars for three months now. The Pros: Solid brass hardware. And by solid,I mean solid. You typically won't find hardware this solid outside of a horse halter. Buffalo leather collar. The only leather stronger is rhinoceros and elephant. Bison leather has the unique property of being naturally water resistant and to a certain extent, self oiling. Stitching. This is heavy grade thread. The kind you find on welt-stitched boots. The Nameplate. Solid. The deepest etching I've ever seen on a dog collar. The collar appears to be two pieces of buffalo leather stitched together with a piece of elk skin wrapped around the second, inner layer of buffalo. The Cons: The collar is not entirely stitched. It does use rivets. The finest dog collars are entirely hand stitched and use no rivets. Lack of a second d-ring. I like to have my dog's licence and microchip tag on one ring and the leash on the other. Both the features mentioned above are typically only found on custom collars. All of the features I mentioned in my "Pros" are also typically only found on custom collars. Bottom Line: This is the best, I mean absolute best, dog collar for the money on the market today. It is cheaper than most pet store or feed store collars and looks amazing. I get many compliments on my dog's matching leash and collar. I was going to have a leash and collar made out of regular veg tanned leather to the specifications I listed above. I don't think it would have looked as nice and would have cost me almost $300. Not to mention the 8 month wait to have it made. The customer service I have recieved from Tasman's is amoung the best I have ever received from any company. I used to work in high-end retail, so I know about quality and customer service and Tasman's provides both in spades. I would recommend their products to any dog owner.

From: xxxxxxxx []
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 12:18 PM
Subject: Collars received


Hi Ken,


Just wanted to thank you for the the help in measuring and for the speedy service. Got the collars on Saturday; just like you said. They are quite nice and I think they make my guys look very handsome! I’ve sent along a couple of pictures for you to see.


Thanks again,

-----Original Message-----

From: Don XXXXX []
Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2011 9:48 PM
Subject: Larger quantities

 Do you have special pricing for purchases of greater quantities? My dog loves the 9-10" premium buffalo rolls. I would like to get a couple dozen or so to stock up. Your bones are so good, she won't touch the old grocery store rawhides anymore. Let me know.


P.s. Are there any local retailers of your products in the Nashville, TN area?



Cross Plains, TN

From: wyck

Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2011 10:00 AM
Subject: "Thank You"


Mr. Ludwick:

I would like to sincerely thank you for expediting my order & including a sample

of your other product.  I cannot express how impressed both my husband & I

are with your knowledge & cooperation with everything.  Although this is a small

order, it is wonderful to associate w/nice individuals such as yourself.

 It is a great pleasure doing business w/you and I will recommend your

products to my friends w/dogs as well as my breeder in CT.

 By the way, my dogs LOVE the 10” bones!!  There was peace in the house for an hour!!

Once again, Thank You


Meet Remington!
This email is for Ken.  I want to thank you for bringing some normalcy back into my Black Lab's life.  We had spoke on the phone a couple of weeks ago about his being allergic to everything worldly.  His biggest pleasure in life was chewing rawhide...BIG rawhide.  After his blood work, everything he enjoyed was taken away from him.  Now, with my husband and  me finding your company, things have changed again, this time for the better.  Your bison rawhide does not effect him in the least (allergy-wise).  It takes him a good deal of time to eat through one of these treats and he (the dog) is once again content.  THANK YOU so much from both of us, rather, the three of us...
Nick, Joann and Remington
Hi, I received my order and I do appreciate your customer service. I will continue to purchase from you. My dogs loved the bison rawhides very much and when the elk products go on your website, I will be getting them also. I am a Veterinarian Technologist and my dogs have severe food allergies and I am so happy that I found your new company. They need to chew, but they can't have beef rawhide(or anything with chicken,liver or lamb either). You would be surprised at how many dogs have allergies today.
The majority of pet owners do not even realize it.Your company has solved the problem for me.I do look forward to using your products, I will also recommend them and wish you the best on your new company.
Thank you!
My lab can't eat any beef products. These bison chews are a savior because she is nuts if she can't get her chew time in.

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