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Bridle Tanned Bison & Elk Leather Dog Collars

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Price: From $18.00 to $27.50

Measurement Guide:     MEASURE YOUR DOG"S NECK.  If t's 18" loosely, our 18" Collar will fit.  If it's  14", our 14" Collar will fit.


English Bridle Tanned Bison Leather creates another first for us and and beautiful collar for your pet.  We use the same tanning techniques for our bison as we do for our equestrian leather customers worldwide, to create this unique combination of Bridle Tanned Bison and American Elk.

The Bridle Tanned Bison is made by us, using only natural vegetable extracts (tree bark) by soaking in vats for at least 30 days.  The tanned hides are "stuffed" with oils by hand to give the leather extraordinary beauty, strength and durability.   Our American Elk skin provides not only an extremely soft and supple surface, it enhances the collar's strength as well, and holds up to repeated wet & dry conditions, while retaining it's buttery softness.


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Product Reviews

(17 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
Rick & Ayla (Los Angeles CA) 7/10/2015 6:02 PM
5 stars! Great collar, much less expensive than anything Ive found at any pet store, and significantly better quality regardless of price. Why these are not distributed to all the higher end independent retailers is a mystery… they would make a killing on them. It’s beautifully made, and is just great looking. I ordered a bit too big (pay attention to the measurement instructions on this site), but was easy as cake to exchange for one size smaller. Highly recommended.
Best collar for the money
Ryan Foster (Woodburn, OR) 3/5/2012 1:19 AM
There are pros and cons to this product, as with all products. I have had, or rather I should say my Labrador Retriver has had one of these collars for three months now. The Pros: Solid brass hardware. And by solid,I mean solid. You typically won't find hardware this solid outside of a horse halter. Buffalo leather collar. The only leather stronger is rhinoceros and elephant. Bison leather has the unique property of being naturally water resistant and to a certain extent, self oiling. Stitching. This is heavy grade thread. The kind you find on welt-stitched boots. The Nameplate. Solid. The deepest etching I've ever seen on a dog collar. The collar appears to be two pieces of buffalo leather stitched together with a piece of elk skin wrapped around the second, inner layer of buffalo. The Cons: The collar is not entirely stitched. It does use rivets. The finest dog collars are entirely hand stitched and use no rivets. Lack of a second d-ring. I like to have my dog's licence and microchip tag on one ring and the leash on the other. Both the features mentioned above are typically only found on custom collars. All of the features I mentioned in my "Pros" are also typically only found on custom collars. Bottom Line: This is the best, I mean absolute best, dog collar for the money on the market today. It is cheaper than most pet store or feed store collars and looks amazing. I get many compliments on my dog's matching leash and collar. I was going to have a leash and collar made out of regular veg tanned leather to the specifications I listed above. I don't think it would have looked as nice and would have cost me almost $300. Not to mention the 8 month wait to have it made. The customer service I have recieved from Tasman's is amoung the best I have ever received from any company. I used to work in high-end retail, so I know about quality and customer service and Tasman's provides both in spades. I would recommend their products to any dog owner.