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TASMAN ELK ANTLER CHEWS -  Why we beleive our Antler Chews are the Best...

  1. Only Fresh, Grade A+ Hard Brown Antlers are sourced.
  2. Truly Natural – Contain no chemicals, additives or preservatives
  3. Humane- Antlers are naturally shed from animals and causing no harm (Wild antlers)
  4. Sustainable- New antlers are naturally grown each year
  5. Nutritional Value- High in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and phosphorus
  6. Longer Lasting- Longer than traditional rawhide chews, bully sticks, ears, etc.
  7. US Sourced-  Our Naturally Shed Elk Antlers come from CO/WY/ID/MT/UT
  8. Cleans Teeth and Gums while giving the dog a satisfying chew
  9. Low-To-No Odor
  10. Rarely splinter or chip – Fresh Brown Antlers,   (Older hard white or chalky antlers can splinter much more easily)


DOUBLE SPLIT (LONG LASTING) – These expose more of the Pumice-like marrow, making it easier on your dog’s teeth to chew and enjoy.   This will impact on the longevity of the chew, but we would rather a dog more safely enjoys their antler with less risk of tooth damage than to have a long lasting chew that is tougher on their teeth.

Most of our Small and Medium Split, and some of our Large and Extra LargeSplit antlers are made this way, to be more gentle on smaller and older dog’s teeth.  We also recommend our Large or Extra Large double split for larger older dogs.

(LONGER LASTING) – This cuts the antler in half, exposing the marrow.  These won’t last as long as the whole antler but are a bit easier on your  dog’s teeth and the exposed marrow is very desirable.

All of our Jumbo, Most of our XL , Large and some of our Medium Split antlers are made this way.

  • Note – For older, larger dogs, we recommend our Large or XL  Double Split

(LONGEST LASTING) – These are the longest lasting form with marrow exposed only on one or both ends.  The outer portion of the antler is the hardest, thus makes these the longest lasting.  They can be tougher on your dog’s teeth, thus we do not recommend Whole Antlers for puppies, older dogs, or dogs with dental issues.

We offer whole antlers in all 5 sizes – Small, medium Large, Extra large and Jumbo.


  1. Small – up to 30 Lbs
  2. Medium – 30 – 60 lbs
  3. Large – 60 – 80 lbs
  4. Extra Large – 80 - 110
  5. Jumbo  - 95 lbs up

 * Our recommended Antler Sizing Chart is a Guideline, as every dog is different, with differing chewing habits, differing tooth health, etc.  Please consult your Veterinarian if you are unsure of which size or are concerned whether Antlers chews are right for your furkid(s).



  1. Supervise your dog When giving them an Antler Chew!
  2. Limit Chew time to 30 – 60  minutes or so per day.
  3. Choose appropriate size antler for your dog.  .
  4. Remove and discard when antler becomes small enough to be a choking hazard.
  5. Check antler for any splintering, remove if  broken or splintered.
  6. Check your dog’s teeth to ensure no fractures or cracks
  7. Know your dog.  Antlers may not be suitable for food protective dogs or gulpers.
  8. Wash your hands after handling Chewed antler.
  9. Inspect previously chewed Antler before giving back to your dog.  If Sharp edges are present, sand them down before resuming the teeth cleaning fun.