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     At Tasman's Natural Pet Brands, we have developed all natural rawhide chews for your dog and some very unique and beautiful Bison leather pet products.  We are committed to bringing you only the highest quality pet chews and Leather products second to none in quality, reliability and beauty.

      We are a family owned company based in Louisville, Kentucky started in 1947 by our founder Mr. Goodman Tasman.   Our main line of business is raw cattle hides for the leather industry and leather production for worldwide brands and manufacturers of footwear, handbags, furniture, accessories and just about anything you can think of made from leather.  

      In 2006 we were approached by the Bison industry to take their raw Bison Hides, which we cured and processed for sale to the leather industry.  In 2007, we acquired a tannery in Hartford, Wisconsin, where we began to develop the Bison into Leather and came up with the idea of making the best rawhide chew treats available for dogs.

      We take possession of the raw Bison Hides immediately after harvesting at USDA or State Inspected facilities in the U.S., and maintain custody of the hides until they become the best rawhide chews available today.  Unlike most rawhide chews, ours are made with only Bison hides and we know EXACTLY where they came from and when they were harvested.  Many other rawhide chew companies would be hard pressed to tell you exactly where the hides they used to make their chews come from, unless they are also the tannery producing the raw material (second layer of the hide).   Also, unlike most, if not all, rawhide Chew companies that rely on the second layer of the skin, we often use the entire Bison Hide including the top (full grain) layer in our chews.  We then work with a sheltered workshop here in the Louisville area to do our packaging and casing.  If you would like to learn more about Rauch Inc,  visit their website at

      Bison are truly 100% natural animals raised entirely without antibiotics or growth hormones.  While they are ranch raised, mainly on family ranches, they live predominantly the way they did thousands of years ago grazing on the pesticide free prairies  of the north and west.   As a plus, they are the only Bovine animal native to North America.

      Your pet will love the taste and you will love the comfort of knowing you have given them "Nature's Best Rawhide"!  We would like to invite you to the "Bison Challenge" and give your pet one of our Premium Bison chews and any of a number of "Beef" rawhide products, including the ones red dyed meat product , and see if they just don't choose our Bison over all others.  We'd love to see your videos of your dog choosing!

      For those pets with allergies to beef, chicken or pork products, we are proud to announce a very high success rate of dogs having no reactions with our Bison Rawhide.    Even if your pet has no allergy to bovine, give our Bison rawhide chews a try.

Thank you for visiting, and Bone appetit to your pet!