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CJ325HJ-MC Tasman's Nimble Jerky Chicken Jerky Treats (Hip & Joint Maintenance) - 3.25 oz. 3 x 10 Count Master Case

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Item Number: CJ325HJ-MC
By adding Glucosamine, Chondroitin, AND Hydroluzed COLLAGEN to our Made In USA Chicken Jerky, we have created a tasty treat that also helps maintain your dog's joint health!  Dogs of all ages can benefit from proper levels of Glucosamine and Chondroiten.  By choosing to include Collagen in our recipe, we have given an added boost of what bodies need to properly maintain, and repair themselves.  You'll be hard pressed to find other Joint Relief Treats that contain the proper levels of these ingredients like our Joint Maintenance Chicken Jerky!

Tasman's Chicken Jerky is made in the upper midwest of the United States using small batch, artisan techniques.  We only use antibotic free boneless, skinless chicken breast meat and a touch of sea salt when creating these treats.

Unlike some people, we use chicken that was inspected and destined for restaurants or supermarkets. We then add a dash of organic sea salt to create a flavor that dogs love.  We then hand cut and slow roast/dehydrate at a low temperature for 6 hours.  Our small batch, low temperature technique creates a slightly tender jerky that doesn't crack and crumble. 

Our USA Chicken Jerky Treats are different from others who dry or bake their jerky.  Our low and slow method of dehydration keeps the chicken from becoming overly sharp or brittle. 

We make our jerky to the same exacting standards as jerky for people, but WITHOUT any spices or smoke that are not wanted or needed by our pets.  When it comes to our dogs, we beleive that less is more.

No Preservatives, No Additives.  Just Chicken, Sea Salt, as well as Glucosamine, Chondroiten, PLUS COLLAGEN!

3.25 oz x 10 Count x 3 (30 pouches)

We recommend using all of the product within 1 week of opening, or refrigerate after opening.......  remember, no preservatives.

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